Smart Widgets

Jarvis Widget! Never seen before! These widgets are the most flexible widgets in wrapbootstrap. Completely unique and costomizable by the end user. Uses no SQL and saves any changes to the users localStorage!

Purple Widget

class="jarviswidget purple" widget-id-0"

Green Widget

class="jarviswidget green" id="widget-id-0"

Yellow Widget

class="jarviswidget yellow" id="widget-id-0"

Orange Widget

class="jarviswidget orange" id="widget-id-0"

Pink Widget

class="jarviswidget pink" id="widget-id-0"

Red Widget

class="jarviswidget red" id="widget-id-0"

Black Widget

class="jarviswidget black" id="widget-id-0"

No fullscreen button


No edit button


No delete button


Collapsed by default


Uncollapsed by default


Ajax loaded content

data-widget-refresh="15" data-widget-load="ajax/widget-ajax2.php"
Hey! Did you already try moving the widgets around and trying out the different colors? Try and then refresh the page to see if the jarvis widget will remember your settings.